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When you’re scrounging for parts, soldering display connectors, and reading Mini-PCI Express pinouts in the owner’s manual, the last thing on your mind is user software.

But once the screen lights up, the LEDs turn green, and “STATUS OK” spools out of the printer... now what?

If you run software from Big Blue, ABC, Zuckbook or the Forbidden Fruit, your cyberdeck won’t stay free. And so what was the point?

Did you build this machine because it looks cool? Or because you want to build a better future with your own hands?

Here at Cyberdeck Users Weekly, we have a finger on the absolute best open source ROMs and user programs, upcoming free protocols, and, of course, tips and tricks for bitcoin node operation.

Let’s build a better future together. We took back hardware, now let’s take back software. Cyberdeck users: join us!


(It's a podcast about using regular computers,
I'm just trying to future-proof a little bit.)